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Innocent Man & Five Others Allegedly Killed In A Cult Clash Caused By Suya (Graphic Photos)



An intensified cult clash at Ijoku in Ogun State has allegedly claimed the life of an innocent man and five others.

Focus Naija can report that the victim who is a barber, was stabbed in his throat as he was alleged to be a friend to a member of the rival group.



According to reports, a leader of one of the warring cult group went to a suya spot called Oja and got into a heated argument with the rival members on who got there first.


The argument soon degenerated into physical combat and he was beaten mercilessly because he was outnumbered.



He reportedly got home and mobilized over thirty of his members for reprisal attack.

Read the full story below; 



This war started when a young man who is said to be the number one of his cult group in Ijoku went to a place called Oja to buy some suya.

So they started arguing who came to buy suya first, the guy said it was him, the rival members said it was them.



The argument got so so heated that punches were thrown then everybody went home.

The next day the number one called some of his gang members to kill some rival members because they beat him up when they were arguing who came first to buy the suya.

So the next day the number one went and mobilized atleast 30 of his men and they went to the suya spot called Oja, probably the rival members do hangout there a lot.


Fight broke out and a rival member whose name is Demola was killed.

Then it became a full blown war

So the rival members got angry and needed to revenge but on their first strike they killed a wrong person.


The innocent man they killed was a close friend to a member of that cult group.

So after the rival members mistakenly killed the innocent man based on his close relationship to their opponent, the cult group went ahead and killed more three rivals.

So on Sunday being the 27th of February the rival members went to the house of a very popular member of the cult group, took him away in the presence of his siblings and killed him in an uncompleted building.




They opened his intestines and cut off his hands.


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