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How A Man Thought I Was A Muslim Cos I Refused To Extort Him


Please I dont proof read and I am not a good writer, so focus on the message and leave the messenger.

So today, I was in my shop( a grocery store) and a man came to buy some groceries, everything he bought was N15k but he wanted to pay through POS and also withdraw some cash.
He decided to withdraw N70k which normally I charge N100 service charge per 10k withdrawal,
Though every one along that vicinity charge N200 per 10k withdrawal and the man thought I charge thesame amount, he told me not to add the charge with the money so I withdrew his 70k and he had to pay me my 15k and also gave me N1,500 to give him N100 balance cos he felt the charge was N1400.
I had to give him back the money and honestly told him I charge N700, he was perplexed and asked if I was a Muslim that only Muslims are transparent lolz in Nigeria, I politely told him I am not a Muslim.
But then It got me thinking that with all the churches on Nigerian street, the average christian is thought to be someone who could easily fraud a naive person, which isnt far from the truth, personally I’d rather buy something from Hausa man than buying from others cos the Hausa men gives prices that are way better than their christian counterparts.

What then are we really learning in church? Isnt the pastors doing their job?

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