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Suspected Ritualist Arrested After Neighbors Found A Coffin In His Apartment



Suspected Ritualist Arrested After Neighbors Found A Coffin In His Apartment

A man simply identified as Suremoney has been handed over to the police after a coffin and some fetish items were found in his apartment in Ubeji, Warri, Delta State, IgbereTV reports.

It was gathered that on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, the suspect was seen entering the compound with a coffin. “A concerned eyewitness informed us that our neighbor was entering our compound with a coffin.

Out of curiosity, we interrogated the guy and accosted him into his apartment. I was shocked at what I saw yesterday. His apartment was decorated like a shrine. We saw a coffin in the center of his room and some fetish items in his ceiling. Immediately, we began to pray and Suremoney responded by chanting some incantations.


Unfortunately for him, God was present with us and his powers failed him. We gave him some holy slaps for him to speak in a language we could understand. Then he began to pray to Jesus claiming he’s a Catholic. He initially said he bought the coffin because he was being disturbed by some forces and wanted to sleep inside it. Later, he said he was told to deposit the coffin on a land he bought for protection.

We burnt the coffin and handed him over to the police. We’re thanking God for deliverance,” a source familiar with the incident said.



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