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UKRAINE: Reno Omokri Disagrees With David Hundeyin, FFK Over Racism

Ukrainian President Rejects Offer To Be Evacuated To Safety

Unpopular opinion: Ukrainian border guards prioritising Ukrainians over Black Africans is not necessary racism. In war you prioritise your people. Watch the movie Dunkirk. Britain refused to let the French board their evacuation ships. Their policy was British first



David Hundeyin

Under the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and Protocol 1 (1977) of the Geneva Convention relating to the Crime of Apartheid, both Poland and Ukraine have spent all day committing war crimes against African students.

Never added a Ukraine flag to my bio, and never will.

Nothing is more personal than being frontally denied exit from a war zone on the basis of absolutely nothing other than the colour of your skin.

And it’s also a war crime by the way.

Femi Fani-Kayode

Poland & the other European nations that border the Ukraine are allowing fleeing Ukrainians, Indians, Arabs & other nationals to cross their border and take refuge in their country.

The only people they are barring are black Africans & right now there are hundreds of African students stranded on the Polish border. Worst of all is the fact that the Ukrainians themselves are not allowing Africans to board the free trains that they have provided for Ukrainians and other nationals to leave the Ukraine and flee to Europe.

There are reports that the Ukrainian police got on these free trains and removed all the Africans saying they had to stay whilst they allowed nationals from ALL other countries, including India etc, to proceed. That is how low down the ladder Africans are now.

It is so sad & I am glad that the BBC has reported it. Treating Nigerians and other Africans with such contempt is unacceptable. Do our people not have the right to flee from Russian bombs and carnage too & save their lives? This is nothing but pure racism and it is evil.

Even when they are fighting and people are dying the Europeans are still denying some people access to their borders simply because of their skin color. How wicked can they be?

Where are all the pro-Ukrainian Nigerian and African voices now?


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