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Lady’s New Year Day Encounter With An Ex That Refused To Marry Her Ten Years Ago



Lady’s New Year Day Encounter With An Ex That Refused To Marry Her Ten Years Ago

Tables have turned in favor for a mother of three, Ojoh Happy as she took to social media to narrate her encounter with an ex, Mr Val that refused to marry her ten years ago after his mother had made her believe that she was the best for him.

Focus Naija can report that she met him on New Year Day at the beach directing car owners to where they can park, immediately recognized her when she alighted to pay and was ashamed.



According to her, Mr Val had refused to marry her then because she had no education. He mocked her for not been from a rich background and also taunted her for having tribal marks which he said will manifest naturally on her children’s face.

She wrote;

Uncle dat refuse to marry me 10 yrs ago, after his mum had made me believe am d best for her son(I even start doing all their house work as a gud wifeO9), but uncle came back n rejected me saying: I have facial marks ( dat I will born baby with follow come mark on its face for him), not from a rich background n not educated (was a jambite).. they have mind to even laugh it to my face then.. guess wat, I saw uncle today at a beach directing me n other people on where to park their vehicle, n to pay 200#.. I paid my 200#, but uncle recognise me n called my attention: are u Happiness, dat lived in kubwa Abuja? I said yes but who are u? See shame n disgrace written all over him.. before he told me who he was, he ask first are these Ur kids? Yes sir.. am Mr Val of 2010. . N I say see my kids were not born with marks!!!. Am not laughing at his hustle now, but when ever I remember the reason he rejected me for, I have been happy since then. NI told him: that I go post our matter for face book today.. so both ladies n gentle men, I pray u learn a little from this.


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