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Young man accused of theft found innocent after severe mob beating in Delta (video)



Young man accused of theft found innocent after severe mob beating

A young man simply identified as Frank aka Tallest has been proven innocent after he was wrongly accused of stealing a bike and returning to the same area few weeks later.

Focus Naija had earlier reported how the victim was rounded up that evening and subjected to mob beating at a primary school in Ighwreovie, Ughelli North LGA in Delta State.

According to the victim, he was watching a local football match at the primary school when his prime accuser whose name was given as Friday and two others, Anthony and Excellence pounced on him for allegedly stealing a motorcycle that belonged to his friend, Ekoje.


The victim said he was aware when Ekoje’s bike was stolen and even helped him to search for it because he was the agent that showed him the apartment that he stays.

He narrated his ordeal on that fateful evening thus;

My friend Ekoje motorcycle got missing so he called me and report it to me because am the agent who find the apartment for him, so we try searching around for the motorcycle but to no avail then he said let’s forget about the motorcycle that he dont want to report the matter to the police that he dont want any problem..


“After some days one of his colleagues at work gave him another motorcycle saying to him he should forget about the lost motorcycle, then we all forget about the motorcycle.

“After two weeks of the incident, I was at the primary school watching football by our local team around 4-5pm when an eye witness came out from no where accusing me of stealing the motorcycle saying he saw me around 2am in the night with the motorcycle, he asked me where am I taking the motorcycle and I said my friend sent me on an errand which he could not confirm at the middle of night, he then went inside his house and sleep

“I wasn’t given the chance to explain myself, one so called Anthony excellence and the eye witness Friday began to slap me, punch me and I was shouting am not a thief I didn’t steal any motorcycle!they didn’t allow me to talk anymore that’s how everything changed on me for what I didn’t know about..


“I did not know how to even ride motorcycles, heaven bear me witness..”, he concluded.

However, the victim’s elder brother told our correspondent that the accuser, owner of the motorcycle and others were arrested. The matter was also reported to the king and they pleaded to pay for damages.



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