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Why Godwin Maduka is Ndi Anambra’s choice for Agu Awka



As the governorship election in Anambra State draws close, one governorship candidate who looks close to clinch the tape of victory on November 6, 2021, is Dr. Godwin Maduka, the governorship candidate of the Accord party.

Aside earning widespread acceptability from the people of the state, Dr. Maduka has towered above other candidates in all ramifications. He has single handedly funded his campaigns, making him a no slave to any political godfather or cartel in the state.

He is set to break the chains of godfatherism prevalent in the state because he owes allegiance to the people of the state and not to anyone or group of persons.


Among all the governorship candidates in the contest, Maduka is the only candidate who has witnessed the bitter pill of life before he rose to stardom. Many do not know that Maduka before he rose to prominence had a bitter experience with poverty falling from a palm tree eight times.

Despite the multitude of candidates vying for the governorship of Anambra State, it is only Dr. Godwin Maduka who has taken his campaign message to the people, visiting the 326 wards in the state, including those in the riverine areas who have been abandoned, even by the outgoing APGA led government of Dr. Willie Obiano.

For Anambra state to reap its potentials as a state respected as the commercial nerve centre of the South East, it is imperative the people elect a governor with vast contacts and international connections.Maduka towers above other candidates in this regard, because he is widely travelled, having being to over 100 countries where he made exploits.


He holds the enviable record as the only the private individual in Anambra State who has invested personal funds and resources, worth close to $500 million dollars which significantly boosted the GDP of the state. No individual living or dead has attained this feat.

“Mr Evidence” as popularly called by teeming supporters across the State, has shown evidence of how he intends to transform Anambra State if elected governor. He had transformed his home town of Umuchukwu from a rural community to a modern model city, by single handely building schools, hospitals, roads, courts, security formnations, hotels and other basic infrastructure.

He remains the only governorship candidate in the contest without political baggage, inother words he lacks dent either in politics or in business, making him the most credible among the lot vying for Agu Awka.



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