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Newly married Nigerian Lady shows off blood flows to prove she was a virgin till her wedding night



A Nigerian Lady identified on Facebook as Ihechi Mary Ebe who recently got married to her heartrob, Mr. Mclawrence Izuchi on September 26 shows off her blood flows both on the tiles and on the bed to prove to village people she was a virgin till her wedding night.

Ihechi Mary Ebe posted on Facebook some days back,
Yes, I have given it to the only man who deserved and worked for it.
Although very painful, but, I am fulfilled because it was my sole desire to do this after marriage.

For those who castigated and doubted, you can rest now.

And for you who called yourself a lover, attempted to rape me to have it by force, God has put you to shame.

Ohhhh, I fought, I fought so hard to keep my vow to God, and I am so fulfilled having succeeded and I thank God for the man I call husband. Four years of patiently waiting isn’t moi moi.


She later posted again,

And for you who doubted my virginity and needed a confirmation first before you believe, na mumu dey worry you, a real man believed it without attempting to confirm it and he patiently waited for four years, now, he has got it in its fullness.

You the rapist lover who attempted to take it by force, God done over punish you and you never succeeded, a real man has patiently waited for four years, now, he has got it and made it his customized size. Ntorrrrrrr.





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