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JUST IN: Embarrassing moment that a wife material used “liquid soap” to prepare food



Embarrassing moment that a wife material used “liquid soap” to prepare food instead of groundnut oil

A Nigerian big girl, Vivy Ifeanyichukwu has narrated how embarrassing she felt when she used a liquid washing soap to prepare indomie instead of groundnut oil in the home of a friend.


Focus Naija can report that she was visiting the friend and was not careful enough to read the contents of the liquid soap before adding a little to the indomie that she was cooking.



According to her, while waiting for the food to boil, she started perceiving the smell of lemon fresh everywhere and had to open the pot to find out why.

Still not convinced that it will come out so bad, she had a taste of the foaming concoction from the pot, there and then it dawned on her that she has cooked rubbish.


She wrote; 

I once visited a friend and decide to prepared indomie for myself to take hold body..

As I was making the noodles, I decided to add a little groundnut oil to it but on looking for the groundnut oil, I sighted this sunlight liquid wash, but because say I be village girl and my village dey always swear for me l wasn’t patient enough to read what was written on it and my nose too at that point couldn’t detect that it was a soap and not oil, my dear people of God, na so l add am to the indomie and covered pot .

As I was waiting for the food to boil na, I started percieving lemon fresh scent everywhere, I decided to check the food and lo and behold my indomie was filled with foam. I was still not convinced, I decided to taste the food, that was when it was done on me that I don cook rubbishoooo000O…


And imagine me that was forming chef vee cooking with soap…. I was so embarrassed.. d. Things dey happen Sha




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