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Sunday Igboho Has Landed In Serious Trouble, Where Are Those Engineering Him



Sunday Igboho Has Landed In Serious Trouble, Where Are Those Engineering Him

Hello Sunday Igboho,

I want to advise you as my Yoruba brother to leave Nigeria and Yoruba to her problems,Let the Government do whatever they want to do with Nigeria.

God Almighty has blessed you to be comfortable in life .Only you cannot solve the problem of Yoruba because people that are betraying you are more than people that supports you..You can only get support from people in Diaspora.

Our people here are ” Ma Jo lo, mo n weyin e” Means be dancing forward and I’m rightly behind you until you waste your life( God forbid)…

Where’s MKO Abiola today? He fought with his last blood and got killed but nothing happened afterwards… where’s the likes of Ken Saro Wiwa in Niger Delta. 

See Nnamdi Kanu at the moment? Relax and forget about your struggles . God will see Yoruba through because only you cannot solve the problem of agigation, how many people have you seeing apart from Prof Akintoye??.. Please face your family and business and live a quiet life.

God had helped you to become Successful, You can defeat Federal Government. It’s not possible. Our people are wicked. God bless Nigeria..I’m right or wrong?


The Department of State Services (DSS) has launched a manhunt for Sunday Igboho, Yoruba activist, after he escaped arrest when they raided his residence in Oyo state.

Peter Afunanya, DSS spokesman, said the security agency recovered illegal arms — including seven AK-47 rifles — and thousands of ammunition from Igboho’s house.

The agency also paraded 13 supporters of the activist who it said attacked its operatives during the raid on Thursday morning.

The Department of State Services, on Thursday night also confirmed that the joint security operatives gunned two allies of Sunday Adeyemo, a self-acclaimed activist popularly called Sunday Igboho.


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