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Burning Of Police Stations; Citizens Are The Forever Victims — Akpomedawaro Ike



Burning Of Police Stations; Citizens Are The Forever Victims — Akpomedawaro Ike

I quite understand it is not your business that police stations are burning. In fact, you are feeling unconcerned because the multiple attacks targeted at police stations have minimal civilian casualties. For all you care, those that are in uniform can go to hell if they ever fall victims to these attacks. You careless whether patrol vans are set ablaze, after all, you once heard that there was no prompt response one time that they were called for an emergency because there was no fuel.

Well, I want you to know these things and take caution;

That when you fail to condemn an evil today, it will rise up to consume you and/or your loved ones tomorrow
That every police officer paying the supreme price, leaves a chunk of the populace in great danger.
That if these attacks continue and there are no more stations to attack, who then becomes the target of the blood thirsty arsonists?

A police station does not belong to policemen, it belongs to us all and by virtue of that collective ownership, any station that goes up in flames affects us first before the police.
There’s a robbery somewhere, the police cannot respond as they have been rendered immobile because of their burnt van.

There are gunshot survivors but the hospitals cannot treat them because there’s no police report. Oh, you were expecting to get a police report from a burnt down station? Think my people, police officers that can drop their weapons and resign are only but the present victims, we the citizens are the forever victims. There’s nothing to be excited about the attacks on police stations.

Akpomedawaro Ike
PRO, Civil Rights Council
Delta State

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