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Three Unknown Gunmen Burnt To Death In Anambra (Videos)



Three Unknown Gunmen Burnt To Death In Anambra

Three notorious criminals including a popular pickpocket were killed by an angry mob yesterday at Nkpor Junction, Anambra State.

They were asked to make their last statements before tyres were forced down their neck and subsequently set on fire.

Three Men Killed As Unknown Gunmen Open Fire At A Crowd In Anambra (Graphic Photos)

Some people were of the opinion that these kind of thieves were supposed to be shown mercy or better still handed over to law enforcement agencies rather than barbaric killing.

From the crowd somebody was saying, the real thieves in government were never killed in this manner.

Poor people killing poor thieves, while real rich thieves in government don’t kill each other that runs out of luck.

Watch the videos below:


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