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Lady Whose Boyfriend Stormed Her Date With Another Man To Retrieve Bone Straight And Slippers Suffers Psychological Breakdown (Video)



The lady whose video went viral after her boyfriend stormed her date with another man to retrieve the bone straight hair and slippers he bought for her hints on suffering from a psychological breakdown.

Identified as Ify Kes, she said her man overreacted but Nigerians are making it worse by their vile comments over the incident that does not depict cheating.

According to her, the calls are too much and she is gradually becoming depressed over the incident.

Nigerians, what happened in Jabi Lake Mall is not what you think. There’s no sign of cheating there. I know my man overreacted, collected his engagement ring and the things he bought for me, fine. But did you see any sign of cheating? Was I on top of a man?, she asked.

The calls are too much, the messages are too much. I see reason why some people commit suicide, please I am begging all of you, that video is not about cheating. The insults are too much, please don’t add to my depression, she begged.

Watch the video below;


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