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Plot To Eliminate Sunday Igboho Through Suicide Bombing Exposed – Anonymous



Plot To Eliminate Sunday Igboho By Suicide Bombing Exposed - Anonymous

Hacker Anonymous has revealed through his social media handle that plans are underway to eliminate Sunday and make it look like a suicide bomb attack.

Revealing that a man by name Nuhu Kabiru was contacted to carry out the elimination, Anonymous could tell if it is for depopulation agenda or otherwise.


An Order has been given to kill a man called Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo from a region in Nigeria called Oyoo region, His death has been programmed to look like a suicide bomber attack, this would be carried out within the next few days. A contact has been made with a man called Nuhu Kabiru whom we can’t tell his region as that was not mentioned. The reason for this mans death is unknown to us, but we do not believe this is part of the depopulation agenda as we believe there’s more to this. Being a definite target is a question mark which we try to find out answers to.

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The suicide Bomber has been told to target a particular time where there would be multitude around this man aforementioned, this way, it would not be obvious as to who the target was.

Feel free to doubt, feel free to disbelieve, like every other messages, this would be done and you shall come back and say Anonymous was Right just as always.

You all stay safe out there

But always remember

We are Anonymous
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect us.



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