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Okada Rider Attempts To Gulp Sniper After Discovery That He Killed His Girlfriend (Photos)



In a bid to evade justice, a popular motorcyclist in Ogharaefe, Delta State known as Happy, had attempted to commit suicide by gulping sniper after it was discovered that he had murdered his girlfriend.

The deceased was reportedly found in a bush after the motorcyclist regained consciousness from the little quantity of sniper he was able to swallow.

According to reports, family members of the deceased that hail from Oghareki, suspected him of foul play after their daughter went missing for a few days. When he was confronted, he hurriedly took the poisonous substance but by the intervention of people around he swallowed only a little quantity that hospitalized him.

“Tragedy: Man Murdered girlfriend in Oghara over alleged infidelity

“When the family of the girl noticed their daughter was missing few days ago , they suspected the boyfriend. He however horribly attempted to drink snipper, but for the intervention of others, he only drank little quantity of the poison, which got him hospitalized.

”After gaining consciousness, he was interrogated, and confessed that he killed the girlfriend, he thereafter took police to the spot he had deposited the remains of the girl today.

“The man’s name is happy, he is a popular Okada driver in Oghara, from Ogharefe.

“While the deceased is from Oghareki, a devouted watchtower family that lived in Igbimidaka.

“The heart of a man is desperately wicked.

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