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Bus Passenger Wittingly Escapes Beating From A Soldier That He Spoke Rudely To In Delta



How A Bus Passenger Wittingly Escaped Beating From A Soldier In Delta

A passenger, Oghenemine Donbraye wittingly escaped beating from a soldier man that he spoke to rudely in a public bus in Delta.

Donbraye took to social media to share the story of how he stopped halfway to the last bus stop to escape the beating.

According to him, he boarded the vehicle from Oleh to Ughelli thinking he was the last person but felt uncomfortable when the driver wanted to add another passenger to the seat.

He challenged the driver who explained to him that it was the usual practice for night trips but the passenger wouldn’t take any of that.

An interjection and call for calm by a soldier man who is also a passenger but dressed in mufti led to a minor bragging of who is who with other passengers before the journey began.

He revealed that reality dawned on him after seeing the army camouflage scarf tied around the soldier’s neck when the man stretched out to take a proper look at himin the course of the journey

Read the full story below;

So, I was leaving Oleh for Ughelli today.

I boarded a Sienna space bus, I was the last person, so I paid.
As Oga begin move e dey shout “Ughelli one chance”
“Ahn, oga your motor don full na”. I protested.

“No o, na 4 we dey carry for middle in the evening”. He replied.

” If no be say weather cold, you for gimme my money back make I enter bike, cos I no fit pay 500 dey tight my self here”

“Guy, leave this matter, shift for the woman” a man beside me advised.

“Bros, leave me make I talk my mind, no be you pay for me. Fact say you like inconveniences no mean say everybody like am o” I replied rudely.

“Oboy, you know who e be when you dey talk to am anyhow?” A young lady behind me asked.

“E know who I be too? Anything e be, na for him pocket” I added.

Everyone laughed, my head burst. I was hearing murmurs from the back and front.

Someone mentioned he liked my Courage from the back. I felt proud. *_Activist, Comrade MINE._*

Halfway into the trip, the man shifted closer to me, turned to look at me very well for the first time, I stone my face, look am back, eye ball to eye ball.
It was then I realised he had a Camou scalf tied around his neck all this while. Something others have seen since he met them in the vehicle. The reason for the decorum and side giggles in the vehicle. Hot piss drop for my boxers once. Wetin my mouth don put me now😩
I shifted from him immediately, he noticed my fear, he shifted closer. I had an immediate erection. He dialed a number on his phone, I peeped, I saw LT Kabiru as the contact name, They spoke in Hausa/Fulani for about 3 minutes. His voice was quite dreadful.

My mind went to military brutality once, how everyone would walk past and not dare ask him what I did or ask him to leave me. I cursed Nigeria in my mind, I cursed the rain for making me leave this late, I cursed the Emede/Igbide fighters for blocking the road, making the trip longer.

I made up my mind that i’d have to stop halfway and take bike past the park, I no dey follow this man reach Park, e go use me do frog jump, flog all my back for that central park, nobody go cough. Nigerians wey sabi mind their business for Army matter.

To cut it short, immediately we got to Ughelli, by the stadium, I saw a group of boys dressed in black (I wore black too).

Ehen, see them Nero self. I spoke loud. Driver stop!
See people wey I dey go meet for here. I dropped, expecting him to drop with me so I could know the next thing to do. He adjusted like he wanted to drop too. Lo, he didn’t. He kept staring as the vehicle zoomed off.

I no know any Nero, I no know any of the boys on black. I just wanted to drop before this Military man whom I believe I’ve offended.

*’Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures’*


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