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Will I Be Overreacting If I Leave The Church Choir Because Of My Pastor



Please, I did not bring this here to get my pastor bashed. Only want to know if my decision is a good one or not. If anyone goes bashing the man of God, just know I’m not a party to it. Just advise me on my decision.

Something happened at the rehearsal yesterday that got me thinking twice about continuing in the choir.

We finished scoring a song and it was time to do the final practice at the Mic stand. So we went and positioned ourselves there as usual and the keyboardist who’s the pastors son called out his brother whos the lead vocalist and asked him why he allowed one lady to stand at a particular mic at the other end of the row?

We all turned to look at him and asked why he said so and he said ” daddy said nobody else should use that mic stand except you.” Huh?? I just immediately felt like walking out of the rehearsal but I managed to keep calm because the lady quietly left the stand and didn’t react.

After the rehearsal, I asked her how she felt and she said she has learnt to overlook. I told her I was going to leave but she said I should just overlook and continue.

So today, only the guy used that mic stand throughout the service and that’s how it’s gonna continue because his pastor father has given an order.

So, now i feel he’s only concerned about his sons health while the rest of us can go ahead risking and sharing the remaining mics among ourselves in this coro period or what?…


I just can’t stop thinking about this and the more I do, the more I feel bad. So, im thinking of quitting but won’t it be overreacting? Considering the fact that the lady who was asked to leave the stand is not that bothered?



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