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Paternity: Man Brutally Stabs Neighbor For Saying His Newborn Baby Doesn’t Look Like Him



A man has brutally stabbed his neighbor and left him critically injured at the verge of death for telling him that his newborn baby does not resemble him.

The incident that has made the father of the child to flee town was reported to have occurred as a result of the FCMB paternity fraud.

The stabber had returned from work when the resemblance argument erupted between the duo and he picked up a broken tiles to stab the victim at the back three times.

According to reports, the man was infuriated when he was told to conduct a paternity test on the child because he bears no resemblance with him.

“A neighbor who just welcomed a baby just stabbed another of our neighbor three times because of this DNA issue. We were all happy when his wife put to bed but Chinedu chose to mock him over resemblance. A stammerer with anger issues, he angrily picked up a broken tiles and stabbed him three times. No one can tell if it was anger issues or otherwise but his whereabouts is unknown and Chinedu is currently receiving treatment at the FMC, our source wrote on social media.

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