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Full Details & Identity Of The Married Man That Set Himself & His Side Chic On Fire (Photo)



Based on an eye witness…

“This happened on my street, just four houses away.

The young man simply identified as Niko, married (family in the village) works at Feed Africa guest house, Edward Ujege street High-level.

The young lady Pam Shiminenge Pam is a Nurse with Lobi Hospital on Ugbokolo street, High Level.

Some people within the neighborhood saw him go into the compound where his lover nurse has an apartment, with a four litre Jerry can of fuel but suspected nothing.

Meanwhile the nurse had just stepped out to get some ingredients for a meal she was preparing, only to come back and meet Niko.

She raised the alarm that Niko was trying to kill her, but because most of the other tenants were outside the compound they didn’t hear her on time.

By the time neighbours heard and attempted to rescue her it was too late. Niko had poured petrol everywhere and on himself then struck the lighter! Neighbors couldn’t break down the door on time, by the time the firefighters came, it was too late.


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