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EXCLUSIVE: Governor Uzodinma Beats Up & Detain House Of Assembly Member With His Aides



Hon. Heclus Okoro has been arrested and detained in Government House by the orders of the Imo State Governor, Mr. Hope Uzodimma over impeachment fallout.

Hon. Okoro is a loyalist to the impeached Speaker; when he arrived at the government house during the impeachment perfection, he had altercation with the Governor’s puppet, Mr. Chyna Amarachi who is reported to have facilitated the kangaroo impeachment.

Hon Okoro mounted resistance which infuriated Governor Hope Uzodinma to order his detention and the aides around him at the government house.

Since yesterday, Hon. Heclus Okoro and some of his aides are still locked up at the government house as at the time of filing in this report.


UPDATED! Impeachment: How $25,000 From Govt. House Sealed The Fate Of Impeached Speaker, Chiji

— How Hon. Paschal Okoli’s Defection Cost Chiji’s Job.

— Hon. Heclus Okoro, 3 Aides Arrested And Detained In Govt. House.

— Impeachment Facilitated By Mr. Hope Uzodimma, Executed By Puppet Chyna Amarachi, Deputy Speaker.

The last may still not have been heard about the rancorous impeachment proceedings that occurred in Imo State government house, authoritative sources inside government house familiar with the matter has revealed.

Trouble started for the embattled, now Impeached, former Speaker of the state Assembly, Mr. Chiji Collins when he read the resignation letter from Hon. Paschal Okoli, the member representing Orlu State Constituency at the floor of the house of his defection from the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) to the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP), this action of the speaker was said to have infuriated the Governor’s puppet Mr. Chyna Amarachi, the Deputy Speaker who went to the government house to gossip to the State Governor of the implication such letter will have on the house, informing the him that if nothing was done more members will toll the same way which will cause embarrassment to the regime.

Mr. Chyna Amarachi, who calls the Governor ‘Daddy’ is said to be the real puppet of the Governor whom he uses to perpetrate his usurpation in the house and not the impeached Speaker.

The puppet Deputy Speaker Chyna also gossiped to the Governor that the Speaker was hobnobbing with Sen. Ifeanyi Araraume whom is perceived the Governor’s rival regarding the upcoming Imo North Senatorial bye election.


The Governor wasted no further time to buy into the gossips of his puppet Deputy Speaker as he commissioned him to carry out the hatchet impeachment job.

The roles $25,000 played:

Puppet Chyna Amarachi swung into action as he began. The impeachment proceeding started at the chambers of the house as only those loyal to the regime were allowed access and those perceived to be against were ultimately denied entry into the chambers.

They could only garner 14 signatures; when it seemed that they were not getting the required numbers, he quickly mobilized to the government house where the dissident members who refused signing the signature with the Governor and he allegedly gave $5000 to each person. Five people were given which surged the numbers to 19.

How Hon. Heclus Okoro Got Into Trouble:

Hon. Heclus Okoro is said to be former Speaker Chiji Collins loyalist. When they got into the government, he attacked the Governor’s puppet Mr. Chyna Amarachi which prompted reaction from the government house security, and when words got to the Governor, he ordered that he be arrested. He and three of his Aides were promptly arrested and detained inside the government. As at the last check, they were still being held inside government house detention.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bro samek

    November 14, 2020 at 9:54 pm

    Let me first of all say that those who keep addressing or describing governor [email protected] as supreme court governor should venture to approach the court anytime they have any issue that has to do with one fighting for his or her right.

    Game of politics is played well by those who understood how to play the game well.
    No governor or president will give room for his state assembly member(s)or mass to mess him up.
    It is either you be in good terns or lovelove with the man at top as a speaker or SP HOR or SP of senate or will be shown the way out of that exalted of which you occupied and those who are loyal to the oga will take that is political game.

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