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Attempt To Remove APC Chairman Foiled By Party Excos That Booed Governor Out Of The Meeting



Attempt To Remove APC Chairman Foiled As Party Excos Boo Governor Out Of The Meeting

Another plot to remove the Kwara APC Chairman, Hon. Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa by men working for Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq today hit brick wall as angry party excos attacked one of the loyalists of the Governor who was billed to read out the suspension letter to the unsuspecting audience invited to Kwara hotel for a parley organised by thr Governor.

The Governor and some of his apologists had invited party stalwarts to a parley at Kwara hotel in a bid to reduce attention and focus of party members from a program earlier organised by the minister of Information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed who is also having a program at kwara hotel tomorrow .

Unknown to most of the invited party officials and guests including Honorable Bashir Bolarinwa who was also physically present at the parley, the Governor had plotted a sinister arrangements with some of his few loyalists within the party to take advantage of the parley and effect removal of Bolarinwa from office as party chairman .

And in a dramatic manner which caught every attendees wondering, one Pastor Abel Adewunmi from oko ward of Irepodun LGA, a renowned loyalists mounted the podium as if he wanted to make presentation but on getting to the podium, picked up a written paper and began to make pronouncement on suspension of the chairman .

However, the feasibly irated mob did not allow pastor Abel to read up to four lines from the booklet before he was violently mobbed and dispossessed of the leaflets and pushed out of the hall right in front of his sponsors.

The crowd was heard chanting “What’s the meaning of this nonsense? You cannot suspend our Chairman as they approach the sponsored presenter .

As if that was not enough, the Governor was also thereafter booed as party stalwarts chants Ramoni Ole! Ramoni Oole!! Ramoni Oole!!! while the Governor tried to escape from being chocked inside the highly charged hall of kwara hotel .

Some of the party elders were also seeing pointing angrily toward the Governor and saying Ramoni you are betrayal, you have done the abominable and you will be disgraced out of this state .

Meanwhile, majority of the party stakeholders including excos have expressed disappointment on what they described as attempt by the Governor to take over the party using force . Some of the party officials who spoke to our correspondent said this is not the first time Abdulrahaman has been failing in his mission but this one caught then unaware and that like the previous attempts , this is another failed coup .

“Let me tell you Abdulrahaman cannot lord himself over us in the party , he should continue to lord over those who are feeding from him but majority of us won’t betray our party because of porridge. Its unfortunate when we thought the war is over , the Governor who is supposed to sue for peace is the one creating violence in the state but we can assure you he has failed again because Honorable Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa remains our Chairman and no amount of his plot an remove him ”

“The chairman of the party was not elected in kwara hotel , hence he cannot be removed in that place ,all these are mere political jokes take too far ” he said

We recall that Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq has made several attempts at hijacking the party and sack the chairman but all to no avail . When he could not obtain require supports of the executives towards achieving his mission , he bought over few party excos such ad Folaranmi Aro, the partys state publicity Secretary, Alhaji Ilyasu from Moro who is helping the Governor to coordinate his factions in the party such as AAP , Rev Abel Adewunmi who was sponsored to move the motion and host of others.

The Governor also sidelined the party entirely in the selection of his political appointees as the party has have no input in the formation of the state executive team which was solely that of the Governors decision . obviously, the Governor has played so much divisive roles during the covid 19 Palliative distribution when he only recognised his own pseudo structures AAP, AAG , AAdirect for patronage while ignoring the party which brought him to power.

Infact, an attempt was made against BOB life when he was in Shao for a party functions earlier this year but the Chairman and his entourage was lucky to have a narrow escape while their vehicles are vandalised by politically sponsored hoodlums

We also have it on grapevine that the Governor has directed his private militia to launch violent attacks on BOB residence this night and ensure all those loyal to him among the party’s excos are also targets for attacks overnight . Some of the names listed for such attacks include one Mr Williams Adeleye ( SA to minister Lai Mohammed , Alh Gani Zubair and others loyal to the Minister who are in Ilorin presently ahead of a program tomorrow

It is our believe that the security agencies in the state will caution the Governor and warn him against relegating the state to a political war zone even when election is still in 2023.

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