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Uncovered: Identity Of Politician Captured Shooting At Protesters By A Young Reporter Who Was Later Found Dead



Abiodun Bolarinwa, the politician that shot at protesters at Oko Oba Agege during the end Sars protest in Lagos because the protesters would not let him address them.

He shot 3 people on the spot, it was all on video when he brought out his gun and fired at the protesters.

The young reporter that captured the shooting on his camera is called Pelumi. The DPO of police in the area picked Pelumi and arrested him for sharing the video.

Two weeks after Pelumi gone kidding, Pelumi’s corpse is found in Ikorodu mortuary with bullet holes.

They arrested him alive but killed him while in their custody.

Pelumi Onifade was just 20years old!

SOURCE: Maiyegun General

Political Activist

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