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Human Rights Activist Gwamnishu Harrison Goofs, Betrays Public Trust By Going Back To His Vomit



Human Rights Activist Gwamnishu Harrison Goofs, Betrays Public Trust By Going Back To His Vomit

With prejudice to none, I watched as those perceived to be “Village People” of Gwamnishu Harrison recently tried to expose him of extortion.

As the debate of wrongdoing raged on for several days on social media while he was in detention, I was dumbfounded when the village people alleged that it is the nature (dark spot) of the human rights activist to sample recovered money from policemen and then go behind the scene to extort the same victims.

Weighty were the allegations that the accusers were unable to prove because they were such in a haste to discredit and somehow, Harrison had managed to leave no trace in his dealings.

Fans and team members had field days defending Harrison and blocking those that seem to have superior argument. In all, I kept my cool and watched for events to unfold.

To the Glory of God, Harrison was released from detention in the heat of the End SARS protest and almost immediately was appointed by the Delta State Government to represent youths in the judicial panel of enquiry into police brutality.

A welcomed development, the news of his appointment spread like wildfire with many congratulatory messages flying up and down but those that know and have privately dealt with Gwamnishu Harrison, in lone voices tried to give warning signals to  the public for his treachery uncovered. They were tagged jealous and envious until Gwamnishu Harrison announced his resignation in solidarity to the Lekki shooting of 20th October, 2020. A short span of peace began to reign with many hailing him as a noble man. His resignation was on time to win him the heart of many but;

Can the leopard change it’s spot?

Will the hungry monkey stop jumping when the bananas are in sight?

Harrison may have had sleepless nights reconsidering his resignation that in the early hours of today, the same man who was accused of extorting victims behind the scene, unilaterally withdrew the resignation letter he tendered with flimsy excuses of building strong institutions and not strong men.

Dear Harrison, every man has his weakness(es) including your accusers but why did you choose to betray public trust by downplaying your strength?

Having set up a litmus test by announcing your resignation, why didn’t you rather move on than going back to your vomit?

How do you now convince those that are not quick to make hasty decisions that you are innocent of the behind the scene extortion allegation leveled against you?

Withdrawing your resignation cannot be justified by the excuse of pleas received from your followers because on several occasions, same followers had pleaded with you on behalf of defamed operatives but you didn’t heed to the call, what changed?

I doubt if it is for attention and recognition because you already have it global. A few days back, you acknowledged a solidarity tweet from the Assistant Secretary for United States Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs, why take them for a ride?

Going forward, I pray that the allegations of impersonation and others that were leveled against you do not come to bare as you recollect the N100,000 that you earlier returned with your resignation letter on social media.

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