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Teenager Secretly Films & Leak Video Of A Lady Spotted Urinating At Their Backyard



Unaware that a teenager was secretly filming her, a lady who was attending a party over the weekend took to the uncompleted section of a building to ease herself.

Her answer to the call of nature became the topic of a teen’s social media group after the short video of her that was secretly recorded surfaced online.

According to the teenager who made and uploaded the video that has been shared several times, the lady in question had come to seek permission to urinate twice but was denied.

She was here two times but my aunt told her there’s no room for convenience. When she saw my aunt wasn’t looking she sneaked in and began to urinate. I had to video her as an evidence to show my aunt. But before she came out from the house, she has already left. She’s shameless.

Watch the video below;


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