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Unknown Nigerians Discover Bags Containing Spoilt 850 Million Naira Hidden Inside A Bush (Video)




Wonders shall never end in this country. Just yesterday Nigerians discovered a spoilt 850 million naira hidden in the bush by a prominent Nigerian.

In the post on tunde ednut Instagram page, it was alleged that the money was hidden since 2014 during the arms deal.

This further proves that Nigerian politicians are so corrupt and don’t have the citizens’ interest at heart.

How can someone that is meant to represent the people’s interest hide a whooping sum of 850 million naira till it spoiled and wasted in the bush.

That money is sufficient enough to change the lives of poor Nigerians. With such amount of money a world class hospital could have been built in Nigeria.

But no, the corrupt greedy politicians only cares about their pocket and personal interest even if it means wasting the money.

This is really inhumane, I think the president needs to do more in his fight against corruption in the country.

This is a strong prove that Nigeria has failed us all, a country that doesn’t take care of her citizens is a failed country.

When the welfare of the citizens are not considered first before their own pocket, it’s a sign that the leaders has failed us.

Because this discovery also further proves that most of the politicians in this country are corrupt.

We all really need to come together and fight for change. The kind of change that would better the lives of Nigerians.

Please don’t read without dropping your own opinion. What do you think about this?

Watch The Video;


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