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Public Outcry Over Trending Video of A Military Man Seen Brutalizing Ijaw Citizen



A yet to be identified military man was captured in a trending video brutalizing an Ijaw citizen in Bolowou community, an Ijaw community in Ondo State.

Using a long stick, the soldier continued to flog the man mercilessly as he pleaded that he had no knowledge of whatever crime he was been forced to confess to.

I can hear him saying to the woman seated there,”see what you are making me go through”

If he reacts, they will shoot him, kill him and tag him any of the bad names.

Yet to be confirmed Information has it that this happened in Bolowou community, an Ijaw community in Ondo State.

Incidentally, it is said to be the community of a former militant leader, popularly known as “shoot at Sight” and that the incident happened earlier in the year, 2020.

Watch the video below; 



[VIDEO]Here is a video of a Military man who was seen brutalizing Ijaw civilian by trying to force him to confess…

Posted by Yeri Oyinkepreye on Monday, September 14, 2020

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