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Crisis Brews As Presidency Of Ijaw Youth Council Moves Against Legal Adviser



The legal adviser of the Ijaw Youth Council, Barr Obiri Ebilade has threatened to appoint a new IYC president following the breach of the constitution by the incumbent president, Peter Timothy Igbifa to appoint Barr Igbeta Ayebakuro Itari as a special adviser on legal matters.

Describing the appointment as a plot among other dictatorial tendencies to cow him into submission, the legal adviser of the umbrella body of Ijaw Youths alleged that the president does not believe or uphold the IYC constitution but rather opted for a code of conduct by announcing the removal of the chairman of the electoral committee of the Abuja chapter of the Ijaw Youth Congress.

He dared the IYC President to publish the appointment in which case, both will go mad together and throw the council into crisis.


He wrote;

Because the IYC President tried to disregard the IYC Constitution by announcing the removal of the Electoral Committee Chairman of IYC Abuja Chapter and I stood my ground as IYC Legal Adviser who took oath to protect the IYC Constitution that it is not within his powers to do so but the Chairman of IYC Abuja Chapter, he is trying to undermine my office by appointing a New Legal Adviser of Council which again clearly not within his powers, as I was duly elected by 58 delegates of Ijaw Youths at Oporoza Convention.

This same President has always said he doesn’t believe in the IYC Constitution but Code of Conduct to be set up by him and I have always told him that, that will never happen under my watch as Legal Adviser to Council.

Well, if the President thinks this is to cow me to succumb to his brewing dictatorship, then he has just met his brick wall.

I just dare him to publish this and within the next 24hrs. I will also appoint a new President of Ijaw Youth Council. Since he has mental problems, let us be mad together.



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