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Breakdown Of Laycon’s Diary Session On Winning Head Of House Towards Finals



Breakdown Of Laycon’s Diary Session On Winning Head Of House Towards Finals


BIGGIE: Laycon, welcome to your diary session. How are you feeling today?

LAYCON: I feel good, I feel fine, I feel okay.


BIGGIE: And why are you fine or good or okay?

LAYCON: This is the beginning of another week and I am glad I am still here. Looking forward to the week’s task and having a positive mindset.

BIGGIE: Speaking of this week’s task, on Friday the house were introduced to the Betway make a difference task. Housemates were given topics to pick from. Which task are you drawn to and why?

Breakdown Of Laycon’s Diary Session On Winning Head Of House Towards Finals

LAYCON: I decided to look into sport development. I spoke to Ozo and he made me see that, that aspect needs to be worked on. So I have decided to work with Ozo.

BIGGIE: And why did you choose Ozo?

LAYCON: I have been in groups with Ozo but I feel this will make me know more about him as a person and also develop myself in the field of sport since he is good in that aspect. I feel I haven’t really bonded well with him that much so this will help me get to know him better.

BIGGIE: You are in your 9th week, why now?

LAYCON: I think I have tried before but I am a kind of person that don’t force things. My kind of person might not go well with his kind of person and that’s fine but since the opportunity has given itself, I have decided to go with the flow. I do respect him. I respect his opinions and he is a wonderful person.

BIGGIE: Let’s discuss yesterday’s eviction. How did it make you feel.

LAYCON: Let me be honest, sad. Two of my favourite persons left. I didn’t see Kidd leaving even though I know people have to leave but I didn’t want kidd to.

BIGGIE: Winning the HOH, takes you to the finals. How does it makes you feel?

LAYCON: It will mean a lot to me. I told you about my biggest achievement during the first week’s. Which is step by step I take day by day.
Getting to the finals will be one of them. So winning the HOH game will mean so much to me. I feel the HOH game will be tougher but I hope luck will be on my side.

BIGGIE: You have spent 9 weeks in the big brother’s house. What do you miss the most outside the house?

LAYCON: Making music. That whole process of making music, recording, writing, listening to other music. Trying to get sounds. I miss that a whole lot.

BIGGIE: Think back to the first night in the big brother house, which of the housemates do you think would have made it to the finals?

LAYCON: I thought Prince was going to make it to the finale. I thought Kidd too but if I am to pick one person, I thought Prince would have. Winning Mr Nigeria, multi talented, resourceful, smart, so I thought why not? Why won’t people like him? But I guess they see differently.

BIGGIE: Would you like to discuss anything with big brother?


LAYCON: No biggie.
BIGGIE: This is the end of your diary session.

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