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There’s A Serious Agenda To Bring Down Popular Facebook Group, RantHQ

Posted by on May 18, 2020>

There’s a serious agenda to bring down popular Facebook group, RantHQ.

Days ago, someone made the mistake of posting a tribally motivated post against the Igbos. It caused so much ruckus there, then Susan Ade went ahead to add petrol to an already raging fire.

On a personal note, I’ve benefited enough from the platform. I’ve met a lot of important people there and made a lot of useful connections.

I’ve made the best use of the platform with my posts reaching thousands of people per entry. Safe to say I’ve every reason to like the group.

Though, Susan’s insults were directed at a certain group, it felt like a general attack on the Igbos. For all it’s worth, the whole idea of RantHq suddenly has become distasteful.

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With the Igbos exiting the group in drove, reporting it and petition being signed to NCDC of whom the CEO of RantHq is an ambassador of, what I’m saying in essence, is if you have any important content on RantHq, go and take a screenshot, copy or do whatever you want. That platform might disappear for good.

It’s as good as outlived its usefulness. The CEO’s lack of tact and professionalism in handling sensitive issues has come back to haunt her. Yet, she in her arrogance still feel she owes nobody an apology. I blame those who need her apology, for me, I can only thank her for doing well and then ruining her hard work with her own hands.

Attacking Igbos in such a public forum of diverse tribe was a bad idea on all levels. And tomorrow, she may not find it as funny as it seems to her now.

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1 Comment

  1. Meku

    Any mouth that bite the hand that contributed in feeding her must surely pay a dealy price,as u said were tiny but we contributes more than our percentage, though am sorry that u don’t know our worth .got up and move around to other region .mind u any man who know one rout does not know road .thanks

    on May 20, 2020 at 8:52 pm


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