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COVID-19 Preventive Measures Awareness Campaign & The Journey So Far.

Three days ago, Youth Emancipation Movement Of Africa commenced her sensitization campaign on best practices to prevent and curb the spread of COVID-19.
It is my pleasure to announce that we have been able to reach out to over a 100 persons who at no extra cost or demand, accepted to join the campaign.

Worthy of mention is the first class monarch of Agbarha-Otor Kingdom, HRM Richard Ebelle, who did not only pray for the eradication of the disease but also went an extra mile to advocate by accepting to endorse the campaign and calling on his subjects to do the same. Mind blowing and safety cautious royalty? Checkout the next endorsements.

Prince Joe Chukwu, an ex governorship candidate in Delta state and serving state chairman of the African Democratic Congress, knowing fully well the dangers posed by the novel COVID-19, threw his weight behind the campaign, noting that only togetherness and not political affairs will savage us from the looming danger. Thank you sir.

Comrade Tugbiyele Folajomi aka Aluta Choirmaster who released Aluta Gyration volume 5 this morning, saw the need to join and he did. You can inbox me for the gyration link.


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Captains of industry/philanthropists, political and religious leaders,
Nollywood film maker, influential media personnels, barristers and others, listened to our plea of sanitizers and palliatives we have not but what we have is this awareness campaign. In the name of Jesus Christ, YEM Africa shall through the power of 10 conquer.

Akpomedawaro Ike
(Media & Publicity, YEM Africa)

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