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Youth Emancipation Movement Of Africa, YEMAFRICA has called on the populace to desist from making COVID-19 pranks on April 1st, usually known as April Fools’ day.

This was mentioned by YEMAFRICA’s Director Of Media and Publicity, Comr Akpomedawaro Ike, during the launching of the organization’s media sensitization campaign materials against the novel COVID-19.

According to him, making pranks about the virus may intensify public panic that might mislead health practitioners working round the clock to curb the spread.

He wrote;

Making coronavirus pranks on April Fools day is tantamount to starting a bush fire during harmattan, which if left uncontrolled may come back to consume us. The times are fragile we  must be weary of our utterances not to cause panic or mislead health workers who are at the forefront working tirelessly to curb the spread of the epidemic.

Our organization is working hard to collaborate with relevant agencies to help sensitize and stop the spread of the virus. Making such pranks will undermine the efforts made so far and the boomerang effects may haunt the progenitors for a long time, he concluded.


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