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I Released My House Document To A Relative To Obtain Loan, Now This Is Happening

Posted by on January 23, 2020>

I gave my house documents to my cousin to take a bank loan of 3 million naira but I like to retrieve my documents back because of the way he and his wife have been doing things since October, 2019.

He is involved in sales of agrochemicals. He discussed with me on how profitable the business is but that he didn’t really have money to put into it.

The wife lost her job in the bank and had to join him in the business. Being a close cousin and friend of mine, I gave out my house documents to him as collateral and the bank actually came to do some inspection in my house and I signed some documents.

The big issue now is that my cousin have not paid a dime back since August last year when he got the loan and between then and now he has done 3 parties that I’m sure gulped lots of money. The wedding of his younger sister in October, wedding of his brother in law in December and 40th birthday of his wife in January. These were serious lavish parties which I think could be done modestly.

I asked him on Monday about the loan and he said his moratorium will expire in February and there’s no cause for alarm. This is different from what he told me before I released my documents, he said he will have gone far in repayment even before the expiration of moratorium. I reminded him about this but he said there is no problem about his ability to pay back since the business is lucrative.

I also discovered that one of our uncles actually borrowed him 2 million naira in 2017 which he hasn’t paid back till now, he hasn’t paid a dime back, I didn’t do due diligence before releasing my documents to him.

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Uncle told me yesterday that he would have discouraged me from giving out my documents if I had informed him before the loan was granted. Uncle also told me that he disagreed with him about his clubbing and partying lifestyles as a struggling businessman but that instead of appreciating his concern, he and his wife fought him and boasted his 2 million naira will be paid back before mid 2018 but till today he hasn’t paid a dime. Hope I haven’t shot myself in the leg with this help which I think I rendered to a friend and family?

The worst part of it is that my wife was not fully in support of my intention to help him then.

Where do I start from good people?

He promised to start paying by January ending, if he fail to do this, is it possible to break that bond and retrieve my documents from the bank? Can I tell him and the bank that I’m no longer interested in guaranteeing the loan? I’m afraid, kindly help.

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