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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC had raided the Owerri Mall located along Egbu Road to apprehend internet fraudsters, otherwise known as ‘Yahoo Boys’. EFCC had started combing the corners of Owerri city, especially well known hotels, eateries and clubs.

Recently, they had raided the Owerri Mall to fish out Yahoo boys because they believed that is where they come to chill out with their girlfriends.

These officers walked in with pairs of scissors which they used on guys with ‘rugged’ hairstyles.

They identified them with dreadlocks, ripped jeans and jackets, and earrings on. But unfortunately, even innocent people who had decided to keep dreadlocks and wear earrings as their way of fashion. At the sight of these EFCC officials, guys with rough hairstyles, and earrings hid at corners of the mall to avoid being harassed and apprehended, leaving their girlfriends.

A lot of them were left embarrassed after  interrogation, while others with ripped jeans and expensive earrings slide away into the nearest convenience in pretence of being pressed. Internet fraud has indeed become too rampant these days among youths. This is the reason why the law enforcement agencies are on the look out for these guys.

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