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Forensic Expert Caught Making Love With A Minor’s Corpse



A Brazilian forensic expert who celebrated his soccer team’s win by having sex with a dead body has been sacked and arrested after been caught by a police officer.

The 52 years old man known as Wanderly dos Santo Silva tried escaping after a police officer caught him having sex with a minor’s corpse.

The officer had reportedly gone to the Autopsy room to collect an information about a female corpse when he caught the man in the act.

Silva was immediately fired for a “Serious unjust act” after the case was reported to the department of forensic police authority.

A police case into the matter has been launched which he could however face three years in prison if found guilty.

A police statement:

“The Amazon Technical-Scientific Police Department has requested the opening for a police inquiry to investigate a complaint about the practice of necrophilia committed by an autopsy assistant. The matter is under investigation.

“The autopsy assistant was fired along with an admin worker.

“The assistant was reported to police after allegedly being caught in a suspect situation in the autopsy room.

“Colleagues said they had found pulling his pants up as he got off the autopsy table where a woman’s body was lying.”

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