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Delta Commissioner Of Police Should Be Ashamed Of Himself & Resign



Let it be on record that the Delta State Command Of the Nigeria Police Force led by Adeyinka Adeleke has legalized extortion of motorists and outright violence against citizens.


Unfortunately, indiscipline in the Command has assumed an alarming rate which is at its peak and calls for the resignation of the commissioner of police for a more competent and deserving hand to take over.


From news of policemen kidnapping road users to conniving with POS operators to illegally withdraw money from bank accounts, police checkpoints are mounted on  Delta roads solely to “obtain” motorists.


These policemen do this with reckless abandon that one is forced to wonder if there is someone at the helm of affairs, seated at Asaba and saddled with the responsibility of overseeing the affairs of the command.


From Warri to Oghara, the police checkpoints are worse than toll gates where you must “drop” otherwise you are declared guilty of what you don’t know.


Especially the checkpoints before and after the oghara bridge, then the one by the Sapele roundabout where the officers have abandoned their constitutional  duty of safeguarding highways and reduce it to a “business of collecting money and giving change”, an illegality taken too far.


To draw home the height of misconduct among officers in the Command, permit me to share an encounter a comrade had with this men who were hellbent on squeezing something out of him either through a POS operator or by false allegation.


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”It wasn’t a funny experience today with Nigerian Police along Aghalokpe-Eku road, for over 2hours because i refuse to unlock my phone for them to check. I was handcuffed and forced into their van, but at the end, i was released and they even had to look for a vehicle to convey me to my destination because the comradeship part of me came into play. This police just like to intimidate you to succumb to their pressure but at the end if they see you know what you are doing, they will want to form familiarity.


“Imagine one of the officers telling me Comrade Doctor, we like stubborn people but use your brain make we nor place allegations against you. They gave me strict monitoring to ensure i was unable to record or capture everything that happened.

“This nonsense intimidation must stop. Under my watch they threatened to shoot another guy who refused to open his phone also, the guy later succumbed. When i told them the CP must be aware of what has happened, they try to act like they are my friends. They strategically position in a place where there is no network to make any call.”


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