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My Wife Is Slowly Distancing Herself From Me…..



I don’t know how to get through to my wife anymore, of which the fault is mine, when we were dating, she showed that she was committed to me and loved me wholeheartedly but I was reluctant to marry her cos she was of age, I wanted someone younger, say under 25, but something important that i have to acquire made me marry all of a sudden and she was the only one available, don’t get me wrong, I loved her then, her peaceful and humble soul but for some reason I simply can’t understand I felt she wasn’t enough, but I was wrong, she was perfect, the best I can ever wish for and more, she is everything,

After we got married, you know newlyweds now, the quarrels about every little thing, it was much then, so this particular incident made me so worked up and angry I made a statement I shouldnt have said, during the heated argument I told her that she was never who I would have married, that she wasn’t my specs, she was too old (31 lol) that if someone younger was available I wouldn’t blink twice before I’ll marry the person.

After saying all that, I wasn’t sober about it, she held on to that statement, I knew she cried that night, since then we don’t talk, play, gist anymore, we became distant, though I apologised the next morning but things isn’t just the same anymore, communication isn’t there, she only talks to me when she wants to ask or say necessary things, nothing more, though she still cooks, we still have sex, infact every other aspect is fine except for communication, anytime I come back from work and I’m in the sitting room, she doesn’t stay there, she either goes to the room or dinning room, I have begged and begged and I don’t want to involve third party cos I obviously caused this, when she got pregnant, she didn’t tell me till I saw the strip, when I asked why she said she forgot, and we had plans to celebrate when she takes in, I was sad that day, I begged and asked to tell me anything she wants and I’ll do it, I’ll make it up to her,,she said she wants nothing that she is fine, I love her, she is my baby, we use to be gist buddies, I missed that and I want it back.


I don’t know what to do anymore, it’s my fault I know that and I’m sorry I ever said that cos it hurt her deeply, I told her to tell me more evil things so that we will be even, she said she can’t that she loves me, we are drifting apart, I can feel it,

Pls help me folks, I came here becos I want anonymous advise, what else can I do to make the hurt go away?


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dfx winner

    September 15, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    Yeah, mistakes are unavoidable..time heals all wounds, this is an injury pls be patient. It will take time for the wound to be healed. Continue in taking good care of her as long as you are
    still together this will get better.make sure you don’t cheat on her tell her everything let her know every of your plans, try to develop the friendship things will turn out to normal. Take note when the day will come she will weep and make sure you don’t slake apologize the more and treat her like a queen. Good luck.

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