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Outrage As Kaduna Based Blogger, Dadiyata Goes Missing For 40 Days


Nigerians on Twitter are raising their voices as it is now more than 40 days ago that Abubakar Dadiyata was abducted and nothing was heard of him since then.

Abubakar is a Nigerian residing in Kaduna that was no where to be found since August 2 2019 and nothing was heard of him since then. Nigerians found this unpleasant and inhumane.

Reacting to the statement of Nasir Elrufai at the launching program of Omojuwa’s “Digital Wealth Book” in Abuja where he said “If you want to tweet or post anything about Kaduna be very careful because I am watching and …we have a very very strong law to get you.”, a Nigerian replied that “El-Rufai may have outed himself as the abductor of @dadiyata.

We know dadiyata wrote many critical tweets about El-Rufai and Kaduna. It also emerged at some point that the young man was abducted in Kaduna by agents of the Kaduna State Govt, although the govt. reportedly denied it”.

Leakers.ng also came across how a concerned Nigerian revealed how some concerned childhood friends of Dadiyata visited his house a week ago and how devastated they were when they saw broken and distressed wife of Dadiyata.

Some Nigerians also believe that retweets and likes on tweeter is not enough to return Dadiyata back to his family and something more than that needs to be done.

Here is few among things Nigerians have to say concerning the strange disappearance of Abubakar Dadiyata



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