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Celebrating The Beauty Of An African Woman, Nkemdi Mordi: One Of The Very Few



The state of women in developing countries and the lies they have been trained to believe is really a saddened fact. As a woman, lady, girl, etc you don’t just exist to be a home maker, you can also be a nation maker. Even if you don’t want to get involved in public matters, right from where you are, you can effect change and sprout the difference. They say behind a successful man is a woman; that means behind a world leader (man) is a greater world leader and changer (woman).

Nkemdi Mordi is one of the very few women in this part of the world that has decided to use every resources at her disposal to affect lives positively.

She was a senatorial candidate in the last General elections representing Lagos West.
In a bid for her to change the perspective and impact the Nigerian/African woman and youth, she founded the Nkemdi Mordi Development Initiative NMDI, an NGO that has come to empower women and equip the youths, to arm then with the knowledge and relevant skill to take over the hem of affairs of the nation and contribute to National growth and development.

The initiative has been able to spread her influence to the following spheres:
* Political Structure
* Social welfare
* Financial freedom
* Job creation
* Education
* Empowerment scheme
And so many others

The NMDI movement will not stop until every sector is coordinated, equipped and empowered with the right human resources, accountability, integrity and capacity to function distinctively and in excellence.

The African woman is an epitome of beauty plus brain. She is a symbol of progress and excellence. In her, you find treasures. She needs to be accepted by the society as a blessing!
She need not be for the kitchen alone; her mental resources can sustain Africa from getting into a debris. Ask Germany or maybe UK can explain better; Croatia is also there for you to confirm too!
Women are champions in the course of nation building. I believe it is also time for this part of the world to join the league of other nations and give women an amplified voice in the polity of the society. Beautiful things grow in the hands of a woman. A woman can nurture, she can keep, she can give life; a woman can also incubate until it is time for independence and self sufficiency..
Africa women arise. A new dawn is here!
Light up this continent and shine for the world. You too can be an inventor, you too can be an innovator, you too can cause a change, you too can make a difference. You too can become a political hero; a business mogul, etc.


The time for your rising has come. Be focused, be optimistic, be informed. You are not for the kitchen alone.


God bless our women


Joshua Nicholas

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