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Torching Of MTN & Invasion Of Shoprite Show Nigerians Are Ready For “Revolution Now”




The speed to which security forces rushed and secured those investments, coupled with the fact that the FG started showing seriousness to the issue when those business were being threatened speaks a lot about the fact that there are some highly placed individuals in the government that have vested and serious interests in those investments.

It’s high time the Nigerian owners of those businesses are unveiled so that we know actually know who owns what exactly.

I will also advise them to change the nomenclature of those businesses in the best interest of those business and to forestall future attacks where people will no longer see those businesses as being owned by SA.

With the recent display of foolishness by SA, anything or anyone romancing with them will be seen as enemy of Nigeria and the masses may likely treat them as such.


Nigerians are ready for revolution now if a common purpose is reached.

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