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Xenophobia: “Destroy Your MTN Sim” Soft Revolt Sweep Across Nigeria



In reaction to the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals especially Nigerians in South Africa, a revolt against South African owned telecommunications giant, MTN is gradually taking course nationwide.


Tagged operation destroy your Mtn sim is Nigerians own way of saying enough is enough to the never ending attacks launched on Nigerians.



The operation destroy MTN sim which was started by a small section of Nigeria and adopted by many will lead to boycott of other businesses but according to the coveners, this journey of a thousand miles begins with MTN as both government seems to be helpless.



“God forbids that I enrich my brother’s killers”,  the statement read.


“On this note, We Stand in solidarity with our attacked brothers in South Africa to boycott South African businesses beginning with MTN. Since the unending attacks cannot be resolved diplomatically by both nations, we have started the soft revolt against MTN By unsubscribing from their network.



We will neither make calls to nor receive calls originated from MTN, it concluded.


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