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Pictures Of The Turbaning Of The Notorious Chief Kidnapper, Alhaji Wadume



Standard practice in our societies where the money is worshipped with zero regards for its origins.

Little wonder almost everyone wants to make the money at all cost to command some respect from the money-worshiping society.

Our religious and traditional institutions seem to be fuelling this craze the more.



Celebrating every fool and giving them stupid titles like chief, alhaji etc.

Well, I don’t know why some of you act surprised.


Most of you should sit down and examine this. The nigerian politician, the religious leader, the “philanthropist” you defend and worship in your village, city and on the internet, is most likely, a rogue, murderer or a thief.

Get close to the set of clowns Nigerians love to worship, and you’ll meet the most morally-deranged set of humans imaginable



Turbanning of an APC bigwig; the chief kidnapper himself,  Alh. Hamisu Bala



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