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Agony As Nigerian Mother Delivers Baby With His Intestines Outside – See Photos



A Nigerian forum has taken to soical media platform to solicit for help after a mother from cross river state delivers a baby with his intestine out.


The photos of the baby born with his intestines outside his body has been circulating the social media space since it was first shared.



According to the reports, the baby was delivered in Bashua community, Boki Local Government Area of Cross River state.

While soliciting for help, Banyinyi wrote; ”A baby delivered with intestines outside in Bashua Boki local Government Area in cross River state. He need your assistance to for a surgery.. Please help the child save a life pray for the child.. God bless you.


It’s been stated that the child suffers from a rare birth defect called “gastroschisis” where the abdominal wall does not form correctly.


The baby’s intestines are found outside of the baby’s body, exiting through a hole beside the belly button. The hole can be small or large and sometimes other organs, such as the stomach and liver, can also be found outside of the baby’s body.


Gastroschisis occurs early during pregnancy when the muscles that make up the baby’s abdominal wall do not form correctly.

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