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Corrupt Diezani Madueke ”I Want My $40 Million Jewelry Back”


The former NNPC boss Diezani Madueke Alison is still in the centre of a multi-billion corruption case. She resides in the United Kingdom due to fear of being prosecuted if she steps her foot in Nigeria.

Deizani is a runaway politician and she’s fighting for her rights from outside the country.

She told the court via her Lawyer that she wants her confiscated Jewellery back. According to the EFCC court records, the Jewellery is worth $ 40 million.

Her lawyers also accused the EFCC of entering her property illegally to falsely remove her belongings.

Her legal team claimed that the federal government and the EFCC violated her right to own property and to acquire other items at her own discretion. They cited section 43 and 44 of the constitution to defend their case against the EFCC.

On July 5, 2019, the EFCC secured a court order that allows the organization to temporarily forfeit the jewellery and the gold iPhone to the government.

EFCC officials told the court that it found and seized the jewellery and the customised gold iPhone “on the premises of the respondent;” adding that it reasonably suspected that the former minister acquired them with “proceeds of unlawful activities.”

According to the court documents, EFCC took away 33 sets, include “419 expensive bangles; 315 expensive rings; 304 expensive earrings; 267 expensive necklaces; 189 expensive wristwatches; 174 expensive necklaces and earrings; 78 expensive bracelets; 77 expensive brooches; and 74 expensive pendant

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