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Divorced Mother Slice Off Fingers Of 5-year Old Son For Destroying Television


A divorced mother of two is under brimstone for severing two fingers from her five year old son’s hand for destroying television.


According to the story shared by the lad’s aunt, her ex sister-in-law identified as Rebecca, a banker with a new generation bank in Makurdi returned home to meet the home’s television broken.


Upon enquiry, the older daughter revealed that he smashed it with a teacup thrown at her while they fighting.


The enraged banker reportedly descended on the lad since he was notorious for fighting and destroying things.


However, more details obtained by Focus Naija from the narrator, revealed that the disciplinary action on the boy turned sour when the mom stormed the kitchen to pick up a knife threatening to give him a mark he would never forget in life.


True to her threat, she held the boy’s left hand and in a flash sliced off two of his fingers.


A loving mother as disclosed, she never had any case of psychological problems prior the incident.


The boy is currently hospitalized but the father’s family is threatening fire as the man left the country after the divorce.


See Photos of the hospitalized lad HERE

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