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Henceforth, Hold The Military Responsible For Kidnap Cases Nationwide



The Nigerian Army should be held responsible henceforth, for any kidnap case reported across Nigeria.


This is a statement from a police boss (name withheld) who granted our correspondent audience on the progress achieved so far on the investigation of the killing of three police detectives alongside a civilian by soldiers.



According to our source who berated the military for not being cooperative enough, the soldiers responsible for the killings were yet to be identified and provided to report to the joint investigative panel that was set up, prompting the police to suspect foul play on the side of the military.



“The Army is shielding the soldiers from questioning”, he said.


“You can imagine how tricky the military is handling this matter. Neither the soldiers responsible for the killing or the kidnap suspect has been provided.”



“Henceforth, Hold the military responsible for any case of kidnapping while police try to unravel the mystery and script that the army is up to”, he concluded


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