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Nigeria’s Long Walk To Freedom Begins With Revolution Now – Isaac Obasi



Today’s chronicles at the #RevolutionNow #FreeSowore
#DayOfRage Protests all across the world reminded me of a book written by one of one African’s finest revolutionary leader and ex-South African President Nelson Mandela’s classic and best seller titled; LONG WALK TO FREEDOM.

Mandela who because of his unwavering struggles just like Sowore against the Apartheid governments was convicted by the colonial masters as a terrorist and sentenced to life imprisonment but he later spent 27 years in prison in the now famous Robben Island.



We really had a long day today as we were taken back to the days of the military brutalities, oppressions and intimidations but nothing can stop a people who are determined to seek for justice, equity and fair play for all Nigerians that are now the poorest people on earth and the poverty capital of the world. What a sad story.


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We shall overcome some day, but my heart bleeds for my nation where the psyches of so many Nigerians have been distorted and millions have now institutionalized poverty, hunger, joblessness, sycophancy, illiteracy, lack of basic amenities e.g electricity, roads, health care system, social security, welfare etc.


The Stockholm syndrome is very real in Nigeria as many of the oppressed are madly in love with their oppressors…If we must move forward, we have lots of walk to do with what I was saw and heard from Nigerians today.



The criminal politicians and thieves religious leaders have over brainwashed the people to an almost irredeemable state that many behaves like those the legendary musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti sang in his Zombie Oh, Zombie Oh song.



Millions of Nigerians can’t reason straight anymore. This is what being kept in darkness for too long can do and it’s a deliberate act by the political and religious thieves that’s looting Nigeria dry. What a shame!

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