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Revolution Now: Only One Stood, Other Protesters Scampered After Police Shots



A yet to be identified protester can be termed man of the revolution now Lagos protest because when others scampered for safety after police fired canister shots, he stood.


Although his bravery didn’t stop the security operatives from beating and bundling him into their truck, his courage alone has earned him accolades among social media users, as it seems he is the only one among them that knows what it truly means to protest for revolution.


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“Only one fair looking guy stood and he was beaten up and arrested by the police
Please this is not how to do revolution if you no ready please don’t disturb our ear with noise . How can you people run at this one gun shot in the air?

“I’m highly disappointed was hoping for a tough resistance then from the East here we see if we can join afterall enemy of my enemy is my friend but here in the South East we cannot protest for the betterment of Nigeria and Governance unless it will lead to breakup , destruction and carnage in Nigeria.

“You must be ready to die in a Revolution is not a peaceful protest its a violent movement.

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