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RevolutionNow: Nigeria Deliberately Stopping Her Young People From Excelling – Abdallah Little


Nigeria is a blessed country with a fertile land but can not grow any seed of hope for her citizens.

My question for those who have the knowledge of Nigerian history is that, all the goodies and cookies we have learnt about this country that make us believe we are the giant of Africa, is it a scammed history?
Where is the old Nigeria that made many of our today’s Nigerian leaders a head of state during their youth days?
What happened to Nigeria and the youths of now?

How can I describe Nigeria where opportunities are better than education?
People prefer to receive, give, honor and value opportunities than education. A country where people with academic results either die of hunger in the street of joblessness or die of hunger in the community or state of non payment of salaries but empty brain skull with opportunities have the milky taste of life than the educated ones.

Nigerian government are government that  enjoy creating terrorist from their people for their people while Nigerians are people that love electing leaders that does not value or know the worth of democracy. What I mean by Nigeria a country that build terrorist from their people for their people is these; all the security challenges in this country have the origins and identity of this country and their victims are also from this country, like Bokoharam insurgency, Zamfara Bandits, Fulani’s herdsmen and many more that can’t be mention.

Do you know that Nigeria have started loosing people on every protest carried out by Shiites in this country? Is this not another security threats that can lead to the birth of another terrorism? Who knows what Shiites may become because beating, scolding and threaten a child can only bring out the beast and the braveness in that child, remember no security expert in this country can give account on how and when Bokoharam insurgency started.

Sometimes, I keep wondering whether the problems of this great nation is the masses or the government? you will see it all in Nigeria where the masses will be celebrating and supporting a political locust destroying their future and generation yet to be born, that is because they are blind due to either religious, ethnicity and clannish issues.

Here in Nigeria, where thieves in political offices will be penalizing another thief, and the masses will be celebrating those thief in political offices because they may appear as a Messiah.

When will this nation stand or grow well, when some one like senator Wamakko, who have a case of fraud with the Economic and Financial Crime Commission EFCC, Wamakko who would be expected to clear the air over allegations of theft of public funds and money laundering totalling N15 billion will now become the chairman, senate committee on defense and also the deputy chairman, senate committee on Anti-corruption? Is this the next level we are expecting?
What do we expect from Nigeria, a country where professors will rig an election for a no certificate general but will penalise their students for examination mal practices.

Nigeria is a country where corrupt politicians or corrupt political office holders consider an activist as a terrorist but celebrating and breeding criminals and terrorist as a saint in their cabinets and offices.

In Nigeria, you will find some jobless graduates defending a leader with no school certificate. Nigeria youths will support a government that embezzle workers’ salaries, bailout fund and even paris club fund for his re-election bid.

In Nigeria, government will launch not too young to rule but not even a single youth in their ministerial list, to obtain a party nomination form will cost a huge amount of money, and still the youth can’t learn from this. If we are not too young to rule why the arrest of Sowore one of the several youths that partook in the last presidential race?


Nigeria is a country where the highest benefits the youths can achieve from the government is NYSC and N-power allowances and stipends respectively. Nigeria is a country that the only time the government considered our youths not lazy is during election, and that is when they know how relevant are the youths of this country.

Nigeria is a country whose government has vow to kill the aspirations of every youths, only few are blessed to see the lime light of their dreams.
I never mean to say Nigeria is a mess but i have no option than to say Nigeria is a country of no hope for her youths.

I wish our youths can learn to be wise when dealing with the elites.

I remain my humble self


Opata Abdallah Little
Aka Little but Mighty




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