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Safety Code For Ladies Following Strange Men To Hotel Rooms




Yesterday, this sad Story broke out on Social Media about this Pretty lady that was found dead in a Hotel room at Port Harcourt. Everyone was shocked.

Ladies, if you must go out with a man to an Hotel room, Please learn the ethics of Safety.


1. Do not go to the Hotel room with someone you just met . At least know them for sometime .

2. Do not go to the Hotel room with a guy you just met on Social media . If you meet a guy on Social Media , add his family members too and follow them . ( Mother, Father, Sisters, Brothers and his friends) See what they post and see the Conversations he has with them on their post . Most times , bad People do not comment or like their Families posts on Social Media and their Families do the same to them . ( that’s a sign of danger ) .

3. If a guy is chatting you up on Social Media, and his page is very lonely ; he rarely post pictures, comments, etc ..( that’s a sign of danger ) . He is a sadist.


4. If you must go to the Hotel room with a man , Please tell someone about it and let the man you’re with, know that you told your People that you’re with him .

5. No matter the grievance, Please don’t fight with a man alone in a room . Agree to anything he ask of and quickly find a way of escape.

6. Don’t drink what you don’t know .


7. If you are being Offered drinks, Please ensure they open it in your Presence and also food .

8. Don’t leave your drinks if you want to answer a call or use the toilet, etc …go with your drink.

9. If he wants to rape you, don’t fight with him , give in , collect evidences and fight another day with the law . ( most Potent and efficient than your Physical strength).


10. Don’t use big phone, big gold chains , expensive Wristwatches, and keep huge money in your Purse , if you’re going to see a stranger in an Hotel room .

11. If you guys agree on a Price , get your money first , go to the reception and give it to them for safe keeping or let him transfer the money to your account.

12. Beware of young men with no source of proven Income but live big . That’s a time bomb waiting to explode on you.


Lastly, don’t be after money with men , be after men of Integrity and Personality. It is easy to know if you’re observant.

*Be safe out there* .


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