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Lady publish indecent photos best friend sent to her man to seduce him [Photos]



A lady identified as Ruona took to social media to release nude photos her best friend allegedly sent to her boyfriend in a bid to seduce and lure him to bed.


Focus Naija gathered that her friend and roommate, Nkiruka was accused of mounting pressure on the guy to get intimate with her, even to the extent of sending him the indecent photos just to snatch him.



In her remark, Ruona accused her of being shameless and the world must know her for who she really is. Both are students of Enugu State University Of Science and Technology.



However, commentators blasted her for exposing private photos of a fellow woman to the world as she does not know how damaging the effects could be on her psychologically.


Inikpi Emem wrote,



“OMG! Why so much hate here? what do you intend to gain by exposing a fellow woman’s privates to the world even if you saw them in your man’s phone? Apart from the damaging effect this would have on her reputation, these photos can cause serious negative psychological effect on her. Retract them please



See the photos below;









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